Always had great food there. The staff are friendly and accommodating. Hope to see you there.

George Caputo

From the beat of music talk show the meal was awesome servers and everybody was excellent couldn't ask for anything more better than that 

Antonio Riollano

Always a great spot with great food... happy hour Monday-friday 3pm-7pm great selection and discounted drinks

Comfort food · Casual · Large portions · Large menu · Great food

Gregory Rano

Unbelievable. Not enough words to describe this amazing place. The owner is attentive and his staff is awesome. Not to mention the quality and presentation of the food It's outstanding!!!! I LOVE IT. 5 stars all the way

John Noto

They have great food, drinks and good music

Great food

Helen Ann Thompson

1. The kids chicken tenders meals came out completely unseasoned. Like, not even salted at all, even though we were lied to and told that it was lightly salted. They were overdone pieces of tasteless cardboard. When we told the "manager", he actually replied that that's why there are salt and pepper shakers on the table. I wished that Gordon Ramsay was there to spit on that response. That manager was an absolute joke.

2. Their chicken gravy was SWEET, like they added 10 cups of sugar to it. It was the most disgusting gravy I had ever tasted. And no, it wasn't a chicken and waffles meal where something sweet might make a bit more sense. It was cold, congealed, sweet gravy, served with a cold baked potato and barely lukewarm chicken.

3. Mac and cheese was a bright orange/yellow color, like they just added cheeses to boxed Kraft Mac n Cheese.

4. Brisket was sliced to oblivion. It was like eating meat scraps.

5. Our hostess spent her introduction time complaining about how liberals are ruining the tv show Charmed.

That was my first and last time ever coming to DaddyNo's. I'll stick to Craft House on Van Duzer instead, they have waayyyyyyyy better BBQ.

Imani Malika

A beautiful place to enjoy time with friends and family wonderful staff and the food is off the hook

Great value · Creative cocktails · Fun atmosphere

Leon W Freeney

Tracy is the best bartender ever ? Great customer service she provides to me & others people. Daddy’s o’ is the best in SI so far

Margarita Rivera

Great place n great prices

Tasting menus

Patrice Harris

It was a wonderful surprise... nice sports bar ... food was amazing...skip appys or just go for the food very large portions ... service was great! Excellent experience would definitely go back!

Mary Kelly